Transparent pricing and change in billing

When we started our product offering , we were focussed in acquiring customers based in the USA. So our billing system based on minutes was in line and worked perfectly for US based phone numbers.

Gradually as our customer base grew, we realized that we can no longer ignore international customers. The minutes based billing was not working for the customers based out of US.  So we have now come up with the traditional credits based billing system replacing the old call/minutes balance. Each IVR purchased henceforth will be having a credit balance.

We offer 3 credit packs for each IVR – $9.99 , $19.99, $ 49.99 . Recharging the IVR with these credit packs updates the credit balance of the IVR. For every incoming call and call transfer, the credit balance will be deducted. We haven’t yet introduced auto recharge option if the credit balance runs low. However we do send alert emails if the credit balance runs less than $1. Hence we strongly suggest our customers to recharge with $49.99 credit pack for having a stable IVR system.

We have made the billing more transparent by displaying the cost of each call under calls and recordings section of the IVR. The pricing section in the admin panel has been updated with the latest call pricing list. Please remember that the call pricing is dynamic and liable to change.



New features – Direct call forwarding, call whisper, call recording

We have added new call forwarding features to all the IVRs . Now all incoming calls can be forwarded to another phone number without any prompts. This feature has been added as part of announcement.

This feature makes straightforward call forwarding possible without prompting the caller to press any keys in dial pad.




The other feature that all IVR users get is Call whisper. The receiver of the forwarded call can hear a preconfigured whisper text just before connecting to the caller of the IVR.



However this whisper will not be heard by the caller. It is exclusive to the called party.This usually helps the person receiving the call understand the context of the call better.The usual option of choosing the voice and accent apply to the whisper text as well.

The call whisper feature is available both at the announcement level and as well in the key configuration level.

We have also added call recording capabilities for either of the features. Again, this recording capability is available both at announcement and key configuration levels. The call recording kicks in after the call is transferred. As soon as the recording is completed, we send out a recording notification email to the IVR owner. The recording will also be available for download in the calls and recordings section of the IVR.